About the children's author Lauri Rubinstein



Lauri Rubinstein Children's Book AuthorAs a leader in the direct sales industry for 20 years Lauri Rubinstein, CVCC observed that one of the biggest reasons people do not accomplish their goals is lack of belief in themselves.  Inspired by her love of children, Lauri Rubinstein decided to create the My Friendly Giant Book Series in order to inspire others to believe in themselves and stay connected to their limitless nature knowing how amazing they are.

Lauri Rubinstein, CVCC is founder of My Friendly Giant, LLC and founder, CEO of Limitless Living Now, LLC.  She is a Business/Life coach, speaker, trainer and author.  She offers speaking engagements, training seminars and coaching to children, business organizations and parent groups as well as individuals.

Lauri’s life mission is to inspire children and adults to live their full potential, own their worth and step into their greatness.

 “At Limitless Living Now we believe people are powerful, whole and complete.  We only need to upgrade some of our thoughts, patterns and habits”
– Lauri Rubinstein, CVCC

Lauri travels the country speaking and presenting training seminars with children, youth organizations, business organizations and parent groups to deliver her message of inspiring children and adults to believe in themselves, trust in their inner voice and take responsibility.  www.myfriendlygiant.com

Lauri lives in Colorado with her husband Mark and their 2 children Tanner and Taylor and can be contacted through www.myfriendlygiant.com or lauri@limitlesslivingnow.com




Mark Wayne Adams Children's Book IllustratorMark Wayne Adams is an award-winning illustrator, author and public speaker who uses his talents to inspire others through reading, writing and art. Mark resides in Longwood, Florida with his wife and two children and their dogs, Russell and Libbi.

Kurt Nestman is a CPA and former Chief Financial Officer of a pharmaceutical company, who recently retired to pursue his passion for drawing and painting. His colored pencil drawing Puppy on a Rope was awarded 1st place in a Dallas Colored Pencil Society art showing. Having five grandchildren and a love for character drawing, he is focused on illustrating children’s books. He continues his art education under various artists in Aspen, Colorado.