A few quick tools and resources that will help you squeeze out some time for you that will reduce stress and resources if you have a little ones who need an activity to give you a few minutes.

My Friendly Giant Book 1 Cover

Seven things I learned from MY Friendly Giant:

  1. Our giant never lets us say “I Can’t” he only understands I CAN!
  2. I can with Practice, Time and Effort!
  3. Never, Never Give Up!
  4. It’s ok to make a mistake.
  5. No matter what other people say, or do I get to choose to listen to my giant tell me that I can, I am loved, I am good and most of all my Giant reminds me to love myself.
  6. I have Superpowers.
  7. All I have to be grateful for.

I Am Always With You book coverAuthor Lauri Rubinstein had a wonderful friend Naomi who died of cancer in 2007, leaving a three-year-old daughter, Jesse. The thought of Naomi’s daughter growing up and experiencing so many important moments in life without her mother inspired Lauri to write I Am Always With You.

With this work, Lauri comforts children who have lost someone close to them and helps them deal with their feelings of grief.

Order your copy now. $2.00 from each book will be donated to charities that assist children who have lost loved ones.

Cliff Walk BookThe second book in Lauri Rubinstein’s inspirational series, My Friendly Giant, will be available in October! Along the Cliff Walk reminds us to stay present to our surroundings. Nature is the playground that entices all our senses as we see, feel, hear, smell and play in it! On our journey, we discover how amazing our world is and all that is possible within it.

Pre-order you copy of Along the Cliff Walk now and we’ll send it to you in October when it’s hot off the presses!

My Friendly Giant CHildren's Book Series by Lauri RubinsteinLauri Rubinstein is happy to announce the publication of her first children’s book, My Friendly Giant. This will be a first in a series of 4 books the first of which is available NOW on this website.  Please join our email list to get the latest news from My Friendly Giant.

The My Friendly Giant Book Series reminds children to trust their own inner voice and not be brought down by those around them. With confidence and determination children can accomplish anything they want.

The reviews are in too:

Through the My Friendly Giant Book Series, Lauri Rubinstein conveys a strong message for children and adults everywhere to listen to their inner voice and love the person they are, regardless of how the world evaluates them.”
~ Shirley Oppenheimer, Sr. National Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

“Here’s a great read with strong, positive messages. It is a powerful book for building emotionally healthy and self-confident children!”
~ Tom Penzel, Principal, Carbondale Community School

“Great authors inspire us to believe not only in what we are, but also in what we are capable of becoming. Today that inspiration is delivered by Lauri Rubinstein, who invites all of us to listen to our magical inner voice and open the door to our unlimited life possibility. My Friendly Giant is a MUST READ for our youngest generation!”
~ Mark Hoog, President, Growing Field International