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A few quick tools and resources that will help you squeeze out some time for you that will reduce stress and resources if you have a little ones who need an activity to give you a few minutes.

My Friendly Giant Book 1 Cover

Seven things I learned from MY Friendly Giant:

  1. Our giant never lets us say “I Can’t” he only understands I CAN!
  2. I can with Practice, Time and Effort!
  3. Never, Never Give Up!
  4. It’s ok to make a mistake.
  5. No matter what other people say, or do I get to choose to listen to my giant tell me that I can, I am loved, I am good and most of all my Giant reminds me to love myself.
  6. I have Superpowers.
  7. All I have to be grateful for.

I Am Always With You book coverAuthor Lauri Rubinstein had a wonderful friend Naomi who died of cancer in 2007, leaving a three-year-old daughter, Jesse. The thought of Naomi’s daughter growing up and experiencing so many important moments in life without her mother inspired Lauri to write I Am Always With You.

With this work, Lauri comforts children who have lost someone close to them and helps them deal with their feelings of grief.

Order your copy now. $2.00 from each book will be donated to charities that assist children who have lost loved ones.