Download a free classroom posterInvite author Lauri Rubinstein  to your school for an inspirational presentation that will engage and motivate adults and children alike.

Lauri Rubinstein’s My Friendly Giant helps children discover the innate gifts and power within us all. Lauri uses the metaphor of the Friendly Giant, a representation of the child’s inner voice, in a unique, interactive, forty-five minute workshop conducted in the classroom environment.

Lauri and My Friendly Giant are a perfect fit for:
• Character education events
• Parent night
• Literacy night

Complete the form below to request more information about engaging Lauri to speak at your school and to download our free “I Can!” poster. Print as many copies of this poster as you’d like to display in classrooms, hallways and in the school cafeteria. A positive attitude is the first step in creating a positive school environment!

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